Happy Service Club

hvac maintenance service program cedar rapids, iowa city, north liberty, coralville, anamosaJust like your vehicle, your air conditioning and heating systems need routine maintenance to keep them running their best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are likely to break down more frequently. It's all about saving you money and extending the life of your heating and cooling system. Typical service agreements charge you top dollar for priority service and repairs. With the Affordable Heating and Cooling Preferred Club Members Maintenance Agreement, you not only get priority service at a discount, but we work diligently to prevent breakdowns from happening, saving you money in the process.


1 Year Happy Service Club Member Maintenance Agreement

Annual Maintenance Inspection
Qualified Technicians
Priority Service over NON-MEMBER Customers
Preferred  24 hour Emergency Same Day Service for equipment failure
Maintain & Validates Manufacturer Warranties
Reduce the Risk of Costly Breakdowns
Increase Efficiency Operation
Reduce Energy Costs
Maintain Safe Operation
Improve Comfort & Reliability
15% Discount on Parts and Labor

Maintenance Pricing per Year


Boiler System
(1 seasonal Fall inspection)


Geothermal System - 1 Seasonal Inspection (Spring or Fall)

Additional Options

4" or 5" Filter – Merv 8 $19.95 – Merv 10 $24.95 – Merv 16 $84.95 plus tax

Pure Air Maintenance System $175.00 plus tax (16 Merv Filter/2 UV light/Charcoal Filter)

Additional System at same address - 30% Discount plus tax

Water Heater at same location – clean pilot, burner & flash $44.95 each plus tax

Fireplace at same location $36.99 each plus tax

HRV/ERV Service Drains & Clean Filter $24.95 plus tax

Electric Air Cleaners $9.95 plus tax